Residential Surveys

Notting Hill colorful houses at Portobello, west London.If you are considering purchasing a property that has previously been occupied, it is our recommendation that you seriously consider a product that provides an assessment of the property’s condition and value.

Condition Survey – This is a brief report that highlights any major defects or legal issues that may affect the property’s value. The report includes our assessment of the value of the property.

Homebuyer survey – The Homebuyers report provides more in depth information about the condition of the property than what’s provided in the Condition survey. The report provides an outline of the necessary repairs and rates the urgency for dealing with them. In the report provides advice on ongoing maintenance of the property along with advice to your solicitor in respect of any legal matters. An assessment of value is also provided.

Building survey – A building survey is a comprehensive report that gives you a detailed analysis on the condition of a property. It also includes options to remedy any defects found. If required a valuation can also be provided.